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2010 is over already, the way the years fly by kinda makes my head spin!  Is it really necessary that the days go by at warp speed?  This summer my boys will turn 8 and 10, seriously, how did that happen, they were just babies!!!  I don’t get it, but hopefully my word this year will help me… but I am getting a head of myself, first I must talk about LOVE!!  Oh how great this word has been to me, I have learned so much this year it has really been incredible!!  As I reread my word post for last year it makes me happy to see how far one year has brought me, and while at the beginning of 2010 I was hoping for an easy trial-less year I am so happy that I didn’t get it!!  This last year has been wonderful in a lot of ways and really, REALLY hard in others which I also see as wonderful once I get a chance to break away from the hardness and see how it is helping me grow.  I am happy to report I fell in love with many things, not only did I fall in love with cooking I also found a love for all things kitchen!  On some days I really love being in there and the food that I make is actually good!  Who knew I could be good at that?!!  Not me, that’s for sure, until this year!!

This year I also fell in love with Netflix, everything about it is awesome, that is all.

I have had 2 callings in church this year and while I enjoyed the first one (helping out with the scouts) I am really loving the one we have now which is teaching the 8 and 9 year olds in primary.  Preparing the lessons have helped me on my quest to fall in love with the scriptures which I am still working on, and I am learning so much, I really love it when I realize how good something is for me.  I was super overwhelmed when we got the call and I may have cried but it has been exactly what I have needed and something I am really happy to do!!

My Grama taught me the most about love this year.  To her, love was an action word, she didn’t just talk about it or say the word a lot, she showed her love for everyone by serving and giving and supporting and teaching and hugging!  She taught me a lot about love when she let me serve her and watching Mike do what he did for her made me fall in love with him more than I thought possible.  We buried my Grama on our 11th wedding anniversary and it was a day I know I will never forget.  I felt so lucky and proud to be a part of her family and extremely happy to be loved by Mike and our boys.  I know that my mission to love more will not end with this year, it is a life quest and a darn good one, I think!!  I know I will never be as great at loving as my Grama was but I’m going to keep at it anyway.

I feel a bit sad for who I was a year ago when it comes to loving myself, as I read that post I noticed that I was basing my ability to love who I am completely on what I looked like on the outside.  There is a lot more to me than that and sadly it took losing a bunch of weight and then gaining it all back to realize I have more to offer the world than fitting into a certain size jean.  My quest to control my weight will go on forever, I am sure, but my reasons have totally changed.  There are some things that I don’t like about me but there are  a lot more that I do like and over all I am happy to be me!

When my word for 2011 came to me it came like a punch in the face which makes me really excited about it and also a little scared!  Interestingly, that punch in the face came about 3 months ago and it has already started changing me for the better, seriously, I highly recommend a word of the year, it’s crazy cool!!  drumroooooollllllllll….


I have to admit that I am the kind of person that says ” I can’t wait until this happens, then things will be better.” or ” as soon as we get thru that, life will be awesome”  Just over the past 3 months this word has helped me to slow down, look around and even though things might not be ideal, I can find the happiness by counting my blessings.  I feel like 2011 is a big present I can’t wait to open!  And I feel really happy that love goes hand in hand with gratitude.

For my band this year I decided to try something different.  Instead of picking a band that I love I thought I would pick something unfamiliar and see if I could find something new to love!  So, David Bowie, you are my man for the year!  I really only know a handful of Bowie stuff and I am excited to learn more about him and his music.  So if anyone out there has some Bowie music they would like to share with me, that would be awesome, or even just recommendations on what to listen to would be killer!

I am also going to add a photography project to my list of do’s for the year.  It will be called the yellow collection.  The idea is that when I see anything that is yellow I will take a picture of it, through out the year I will post them here and by the end of 2011 I will have a big collection of yellowness.  I hope it will turn out cool!  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!