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Yesterday I had to go run errands, I said bye to Mike and got everything I needed together and as I walked out the door I heard him yell “IIII looooove yooouuuuu!”   It totally made me smile and I remembered our first conversation about saying “I love you”

Today’s random memory takes us waaay back to the year 2000, we had been married 4 months probably, we lived in a tiny studio apartment in Jackson Hole, WY and we each had a job that started at 3 in the afternoon so our mornings belonged to us alone.  One day I walked by Mike and told him that I loved him, just like I did 20 times a day and he asked me if I thought we said “I love you” too much.  He thought that maybe if we said it less it would mean more when we did say it.  I remember feeling really strongly that I wanted a home filled with love and hugs and kisses all the time, I wanted our future kids to know that each day we were going to love on them and each other and to be used to it and I was sure that it would mean even more the more we said “I love you”.  After hearing my side Mike agreed with me (such a smart husband!) and our days have been filled with just that, lots of hugs and kisses and I love yous.  Even when we go to the boy’s classes they jump up and give us hugs, I don’t expect that to last forever but I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I love that it’s not weird to be affectionate in our home and I hope that it’s something our boys can carry on when they have homes of their own.


this installment of “random memory” takes me back to the 8th grade.  i was 14, i guess, and i loved the Moody Blues.  this seriously makes me laugh when i think about it because i don’t think i have listened to them since, i don’t think i have even heard any of there songs, that is, until today.  I was on the phone, on hold, and this song came on and all of a sudden i was in the cafeteria of Kilmer Intermediate.  i loved this song so much that i thought everyone needed to know about it and love it like i did so i typed up all the lyrics and made copies and handed them out to everyone i knew.  i’m not sure if i turned anyone on to the Moody Blues that day but maybe i can today!  they have many great songs, but for now, here is my very favorite… hope you enjoy!!

I have had this random memory floating around in my head for the past few days and it just makes me smile so I thought I would start a new category on my blog entitled… wait for it….. Random Memories.  It’s a great title, don’t you think?  Todays random memory hales from 1989, I was almost 12.  We were living in Berlin, Germany and we were going shopping at some huge store that had a day care for the little ones, kinda like Ikea, but not.  My mom did my hair for me, I’m not sure why, she wasn’t in the habit of doing my hair all the time at that age, anyway she pulled it back in a ponytail, not too strange, except for the placement of the ponytail… straight back at the base of my head.  I had never felt such a strange sensation.  I was so used to having my ponytails up high and off to the side, the proper place for a ponytail.   When I started complaining she told me it looked fine and not to touch it.  So I didn’t.  What I remember most about that day is that I was positive that everyone was looking at me and totally laughing at my miss placed ponytail, and when I say everyone I mean that most likely no one even glanced at me, but it felt like EVERYONE was staring!!!  This memory makes me laugh because the idea that all the German people I encountered that day actually cared about the way my hair looked is so far fetched but I don’t really remember ever feeling more self conscience than I did that day.  My mind as a 12 year old girl was hilarious.Here is an old photo of me before the fall.