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So, last year Link’s little “girlfriend” moved and is going to a different school.  He talks about her sometimes but I think it is just starting to hit him that he doesn’t have a valentine this year.  The other night Jack was at scouts and Mike, Link and I were talking about girls.  I was asking him if there was anyone else he might like to have as his valentine, I told him it didn’t have to be someone in his class, it could be someone from church or in another class.  This is the conversation that followed…

Link: “There is just no one.”

Me: “Well, that is ok.  You don’t need to have a valentine every year.” (he is only 9, after all)

Link: “yeah, Jack knows all about that, he has never had a valentine.”

Me: “Don’t make fun of him for that, okay?  That’s totally fine.”

Link: “Oh, I won’t.  I’ll just point out that he’s been living a lonely life.”

At that point I couldn’t keep a straight face, he is so funny.  If he is this way about girls now I seriously can’t wait to meet 16 year old Link. 🙂

Since we had this conversation Link found a cute girl in his class that he wanted to ask to be his valentine, he made her a little card, asked to get his hair cut and actually paid attention to what he wore to school the next day.  He was so nervous but he happily came home with a note that said “yes”, he told us it was fridge worthy so that is where it now resides. 🙂


So, tonight at dinner Mike actually said these words…

“Keep your wiener in your pants!!”


Going on two years in a row Link has had the same valentine.  She is a cute little girl in his class and he asked her the other day if she wanted him to be her valentine again and she told him “You will always be my valentine”.  It made his day.  We were talking about what to get her this year and this is the conversation…

Link: “how many days until Valentines?”

Me: “about 2 weeks”

Link: “ok, that means we have to go to the store next week to get her gift.”

Me: “alright, do you have any ideas on what you want to get for her?”

Link: “no, I’m just going to look in the heart section.”

🙂 I love that boy.

Jack: “I’m pretty sure Batman is my new favorite superhero.”

I’m such a proud momma at this moment!

Last night at dinner Mike asked the boys if they were stuck on a desert island and only had 3 wishes what would they be?

Here were Link’s

1. I would wish that the island was tropical.

2. I would wish for a house.

3. I would wish for a force field around my house.

I found it so funny that Link’s first priority was that he was on a tropical island.  It will be awesome to ask them this same question in a few years and see how their answers change.  Jack’s 3 wishes were..

1. I wish that the island was civilized.

2. I wish that there are skyscrapers on the island.

3. I wish that I owned all the ice-cream shops.

Both of their islands sound pretty good to me!

Tonight I wasn’t feeling too great, but the boys wanted nachos for dinner, so I told them I would sit on the couch and tell them all how to make them step by step.  They did a great job, each of them helping out, but the main conversation at dinner was that they were not as good as mine were.  I thought they were awesome and I kept telling them that.  After dinner while I was cleaning up it came up again and here is a bit of the conversation…

me: “I thought they were great!  What was so different about the way you made them?”

Mike: “They just weren’t the same.”

Link: “I know why, we didn’t make ours with love, we just did what you told us.”


I guess I’m happy they can all feel the love I put into making nachos!

Lincoln: “Once I saw Santa shopping at Wal-mart for toys because his elves were tired.”

me: “really?”

Lincoln: “no, that would just be weird.”

This year Jackson is in 5th grade.  He is doing well and loves his class and teacher.  He is doing a lot more writing this year and Mike & I have been getting a kick out of some of his school work that he brings home.  Recently he had to write a few paragraphs about his favorite holiday food.  I am just going to type it all out (typos and all) because it just made us laugh, we are happy we could pass along our love of pumpkin roll to both our boys.

My Favorite Holiday Food

By Jackson Ouzts

My favorite holiday food is my moms homemade Pumpkin Roll.  At the end of Thanksgiving diner, my mom lets us eat that delicious, most scrumptious, very delightful, even rich, Pumpkin Roll!  Just thinking about it makes me craved.

My mom makes it with a lot of pumpkin bread and a special cream that is the best part of the Pumpkin Roll.  She rolls it up and puts the ingredients together, then, she puts it in the fridge for two hours or so.  Then at diner time, we eat like pigs

If you don’t have any clue what I’m talking about, you’re missing out.  I wish you happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

If you would like your own pumpkin roll here is the link to the delicious, most scrumptious, very delightful, even rich recipe. 🙂

Every year the day after Halloween we hit the halloween store bright and early to stock up on props for the photo booth for the year.  I always poke around and see what I can find for the boys for the following year.  This year there were no ninjas left over but I found something better!  Next year Jack and Link are going to be Captain Kirk and Spock!  They seemed excited about it when I showed them what I found, especially Link who will be Spock.  He was playing around all dressed up and I was trying to get him to do his homework, but first we had this conversation….

Me: “so, this year you have to practice the hand thingy.” (everyone, except for me, can do the hand thingy)

Link: puts his hand up and says “live long and prosner”

Me: “it’s ‘prosper’, Link, ‘prosper‘”

Link: hand up again “live wrong and prosper”

Me: “Link!  ‘live long and prosper‘!!”

Link: “Live long and prosper”

Me: “awesome, now come read your book.”

Link: “Hang on mom, Spark needs a candy bar!”

That was the point where I hung my head in the shame of failure.


This year all four of us were hippies, it was rad!  Although, we did have to teach both the boys the right way to do a peace sign! sheesh!!

Yesterday Jack went home from school with a friend in his class, he told me as they walked they found a board with nails sticking out of it.  I asked him what they did with it and this is what he said…

“We picked it up and found the closest garbage can and put it in there.  We just thought we should do something about it before some teenager came up and threw it in the street.”

heheheh, I can’t wait to meet teenage Jack! 🙂