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this week’s photo of the week is not a photo but a painting that has been kicking around in my brain for the last few days.  i’m pretty happy with how it turned out and i think the kitchen might be a good place to hang it.

even though this quote isn’t in this song, it was all inspired by it.  i seriously love it!!

Jack: ” I wish we had some Creamies, I just love barfing up Creamies, they are just so good!”

Jack is sick today and he is remembering the last time he was sick, we were in a hotel and he had been sick all day so I went down to the little store in the lobby and got him an orange Creamie, he threw that up about five minutes after he ate it and said it had been the best throw up he had ever tasted.  Very gross, I know, but totally funny!!

Here is my photo of the week, not quite sure what is happening here, but this is so my boys. 🙂

Link has pretty much been preparing his whole life to be the best dad ever.

Here is a picture that Jack drew of me this week.

(it’s on 4 post-its)

And here is a picture that Link drew of me.  Um… yeah, awesome, huh?

Jack on his field trip to Antelope Island.