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He just makes me happy.

Dear Paul,

I hope it’s ok that I call you Paul, even though you don’t know me, I have known you for a long time.  It was 20 years ago this summer, I was 12 and we were staying in a hotel, there was a record store in the mall next to it.  One day I went into the record store with some money I wanted to spend, about an hour later I walked out with the first tape I had ever bought.  It was Past Masters Volume 2.  I listened to it a lot.  A few years later my family started listening to that tape and I lost track of it after that but it was alright because I had started collecting everything I could with your name on it on CD, and vinyl if I could find it.

I wanted you to know how you helped me make friends when I was the new girl, and those friends have been the best.  I wanted you to know that at times your words have moved me to tears, and at other times your words have thrown me into a fit of giggles.  I wanted you to know that when a Beatles song is playing my kids sing along and that makes me happy.  I wanted you to know that all memories I have related to you and your friends make me smile.

I had resigned myself many years ago to the fact that I would never be able to see you live, I was a child of the 70’s after all and pretty much missed the boat.  Then, for Mother’s Day in 2005 Mike gave me tickets to your show in Vegas.  BEST. MOTHER’S. DAY. EVER.  After the show my husband asked me what other goals in life I had now that I had seen your show, I looked at him and said “I want to see him again!!”  That show was among some of the best hours of my life.  That is, until Tuesday.  This past Tuesday I was able to go with my husband and my 2 boys to your show in Salt Lake.  My boys are 8 and 7 and I sat between them.  Now, they weren’t perfect angles the whole show, at about 9:30 Jack asked if we could leave because he was ready for bed, and unless you were playing a Beatles tune Link went back and forth between picking a scab and leaning over Mike’s knee so the he could draw on his back.  But they were there with me, and I know it will be something they won’t forget.  For me, words can not really describe how I felt when I looked over and saw my 8 year old yell “JET”, he even included the fist pump.  The indescribable feeling continued as my 7 year old put one arm around my neck and one around his dad’s neck and sang at the top of his voice “LIFE GOES ON, BRA!!  LALA HOW THE LIFE GOES ON”  The way you went from A Day in the Life to Give Peace a Chance gave me the chills and the fireworks during Live and Let Die made me scream and laugh and jump up and down. So many times during the show I would look around and think “remember as much of this as you can, remember, remember, remember.”  It was a perfect night and you gave me yet another memory that I will hold to for the rest of my life.   For that, I just can’t thank you enough.  I’m not sure if I will ever have the opportunity to see you again,  chances are, I won’t, but I feel so overly content with the experience of seeing you with my family that it’s ok for now.   I am filled with so much happiness I feel it bubbling around inside me.

Paul, you’re the best.

I sincerely thank you for everything.

I hope you are well.



Just recently it surprised me to realize how Mike knows just what I need, even when I don’t.   Things like this sometime boggle my mind because I wonder how I got so lucky.  I mean, we had only known each other for about 5 months when we got married, back then I had no idea we would have the kind of relationship we have now.  Really, I just got lucky, that’s all there is to it.  He is constantly telling me how beautiful I am, most of the time I just roll my eyes because it’s at times like when we have been working on the house all day I haven’t had a chance to shower yet.  Or, like the other day, first thing in the morning, he told me he had watched me sleep and how cute he thought I was.  I definitely rolled my eyes at that one because chances are I was drooling.  Last night was a good one, he was standing behind me while I was finishing up some email and he asked, “Have I ever told you that you have a really pretty head?”, I wonder why it’s possible for him to love things about me that I don’t notice or can’t love about myself.  It reminded me of a quote that I saw on Katherine Centers website that says, “People are always beautiful when you love them.”  I’m glad for that.  Last week in the car Mike looked over at me and told me I had sexy legs, I looked down at myself and basically just saw blobs of myself all over the place and then I looked at him with a confused look on my face, he was wearing these funny sunglasses that are super reflective and I caught a glimpse of what I might look like to him.  You know what?  I was looking sexy that day!  It made me think that maybe all I need in my quest for learning to love myself is just a little change of perspective.  And even though I am sure I will continue to roll my eyes at him, I have to say…

I love that he loves me.

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Yesterday Link ran to the bathroom yelling that he was going to throw-up, well, he made it to the bathroom but that was all.  Nothing was spared.  I got Link in the tub and as I was cleaning throw-up off the floor, walls, cabinets, hamper, tub, anything in the 10 ft radius, Link and I had the following conversation.

Lincoln: “I’m just sorry I did that, Mom.”
Me: “Don’t be sorry, you couldn’t help it, it will be alright I had to clean this bathroom anyway.”
Lincoln: “What would happen if Dad had been walking by when I threw up?”
Me: “Well, I would probably be cleaning up two throw-ups, yours and Dad’s.”
Lincoln: “I know, sometimes it’s hard being a mom, huh.”
Me: (laughing) “Yes, yes it is.  But I love you so it’s all good”
Here he is before his surgery, he really wanted a photo of the cool free socks that he got. 🙂

All the boys left me behind and went up to Salt Lake this weekend and I MISS THEM!!  In nearly 10 years of marriage Mike and I have only spent a handful of nights apart and this is the longest time I have been away from the boys, EVER!  The quiet is unnerving here.  At least we have ichat, it was great to see them last night and I can’t wait for tonight!  Here is what our conversation looked like…

And I was happy to get a big lips kiss from Jack!  Link was too busy playing with cousins to miss me.  

one of the things i love very most about mikey is that i fit perfectly snuggled in his arms.
 it has always been this way, and i am happy.