So, last year Link’s little “girlfriend” moved and is going to a different school.  He talks about her sometimes but I think it is just starting to hit him that he doesn’t have a valentine this year.  The other night Jack was at scouts and Mike, Link and I were talking about girls.  I was asking him if there was anyone else he might like to have as his valentine, I told him it didn’t have to be someone in his class, it could be someone from church or in another class.  This is the conversation that followed…

Link: “There is just no one.”

Me: “Well, that is ok.  You don’t need to have a valentine every year.” (he is only 9, after all)

Link: “yeah, Jack knows all about that, he has never had a valentine.”

Me: “Don’t make fun of him for that, okay?  That’s totally fine.”

Link: “Oh, I won’t.  I’ll just point out that he’s been living a lonely life.”

At that point I couldn’t keep a straight face, he is so funny.  If he is this way about girls now I seriously can’t wait to meet 16 year old Link. 🙂

Since we had this conversation Link found a cute girl in his class that he wanted to ask to be his valentine, he made her a little card, asked to get his hair cut and actually paid attention to what he wore to school the next day.  He was so nervous but he happily came home with a note that said “yes”, he told us it was fridge worthy so that is where it now resides. 🙂