Yesterday I had to go run errands, I said bye to Mike and got everything I needed together and as I walked out the door I heard him yell “IIII looooove yooouuuuu!”   It totally made me smile and I remembered our first conversation about saying “I love you”

Today’s random memory takes us waaay back to the year 2000, we had been married 4 months probably, we lived in a tiny studio apartment in Jackson Hole, WY and we each had a job that started at 3 in the afternoon so our mornings belonged to us alone.  One day I walked by Mike and told him that I loved him, just like I did 20 times a day and he asked me if I thought we said “I love you” too much.  He thought that maybe if we said it less it would mean more when we did say it.  I remember feeling really strongly that I wanted a home filled with love and hugs and kisses all the time, I wanted our future kids to know that each day we were going to love on them and each other and to be used to it and I was sure that it would mean even more the more we said “I love you”.  After hearing my side Mike agreed with me (such a smart husband!) and our days have been filled with just that, lots of hugs and kisses and I love yous.  Even when we go to the boy’s classes they jump up and give us hugs, I don’t expect that to last forever but I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I love that it’s not weird to be affectionate in our home and I hope that it’s something our boys can carry on when they have homes of their own.