This year Jackson is in 5th grade.  He is doing well and loves his class and teacher.  He is doing a lot more writing this year and Mike & I have been getting a kick out of some of his school work that he brings home.  Recently he had to write a few paragraphs about his favorite holiday food.  I am just going to type it all out (typos and all) because it just made us laugh, we are happy we could pass along our love of pumpkin roll to both our boys.

My Favorite Holiday Food

By Jackson Ouzts

My favorite holiday food is my moms homemade Pumpkin Roll.  At the end of Thanksgiving diner, my mom lets us eat that delicious, most scrumptious, very delightful, even rich, Pumpkin Roll!  Just thinking about it makes me craved.

My mom makes it with a lot of pumpkin bread and a special cream that is the best part of the Pumpkin Roll.  She rolls it up and puts the ingredients together, then, she puts it in the fridge for two hours or so.  Then at diner time, we eat like pigs

If you don’t have any clue what I’m talking about, you’re missing out.  I wish you happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

If you would like your own pumpkin roll here is the link to the delicious, most scrumptious, very delightful, even rich recipe. 🙂