Every year the day after Halloween we hit the halloween store bright and early to stock up on props for the photo booth for the year.  I always poke around and see what I can find for the boys for the following year.  This year there were no ninjas left over but I found something better!  Next year Jack and Link are going to be Captain Kirk and Spock!  They seemed excited about it when I showed them what I found, especially Link who will be Spock.  He was playing around all dressed up and I was trying to get him to do his homework, but first we had this conversation….

Me: “so, this year you have to practice the hand thingy.” (everyone, except for me, can do the hand thingy)

Link: puts his hand up and says “live long and prosner”

Me: “it’s ‘prosper’, Link, ‘prosper‘”

Link: hand up again “live wrong and prosper”

Me: “Link!  ‘live long and prosper‘!!”

Link: “Live long and prosper”

Me: “awesome, now come read your book.”

Link: “Hang on mom, Spark needs a candy bar!”

That was the point where I hung my head in the shame of failure.


This year all four of us were hippies, it was rad!  Although, we did have to teach both the boys the right way to do a peace sign! sheesh!!