About 2 weeks ago I came across a blog called Life, Crafts, and Whatever and she showed how to make your own amazing art work out of paint chips, in other words, totally cheap!! (I had to buy the board $8.50 and the stain $4-ish, everything else I had)  I was excited about the idea of trying this because I have had an empty wall that I thought this would look awesome on.  So off I went and I have to say I am so happy with how it turned out!!  I am not going to go into the step by step instructions because Jen does a great job of that so after you read here jump over to her blog and get all the details.  What I want to tell you is how I took her idea and made it mine and if you attempt this I encourage you to do the same, that way it is custom made just for your home!

1.  I have a long space that needed to be filled so I decided to do a rectangle (2 ft. by 4.ft.)  rather than a square, so I kept my paint chips rectangle as well, I discovered that walmart has huge paint chips so if you are going for a bigger piece then I recommend getting those.

2.  Instead of using all color pieces I cut up some pages of an old french book that I had just to add a different element to it, I love how it turned out and now my mind is going crazy for a bunch of other things I can do this same process on.

3.  When applying the Mod Podge I dipped my brush right into the container and painted it on super thick giving it more great texture.

4.  by the time I was done with my second coat of stain it was still way too clean for me so I applied one more coat, super thick and I let it sit for about 15 minutes, or until the stain is sticky and then I went to town with a cheese cloth texturing it up.  I’m a sucker for texture.

5.  When I was applying the final coat of mod podge and gold paint I did it the same way I did in #3, this added a whole new texturing layer of gold (not just a sheen), you can really only see it when the sun lights it up, I wasn’t so sure about that at first but it quickly grew on me and I just love everything about how it turned out.  And the most awesome thing is that all my boys really like it too so we are all happy!


Now head on over to Jen’s blog to get all the details and have fun!!!