For the wedding I shot today I spent almost 4 hours in the car.  While I was driving my self around (mostly in the rain, I should add) I realized something… I don’t like driving.  I have been spoiled by Mike and by St. George.  Mike likes to drive so when ever we are together (which is 99.9%of the time), he is the driver, always has been, probably always will be.  And driving around St. George is so easy, you can go anywhere and you don’t even have to use the freeway if you don’t want to, it’s so nice.  Another reason I think I don’t like it too much is because whenever I get in the car and have to drive for more than about 40 minutes I get sleepy.  Growing up I slept thru many a family driving vacation.  One summer I asked my Grampa if we could drive up to San Francisco and drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and he informed me that we had done that the summer before.  I told him that I didn’t remember doing that and he said, “Well, that’s probably because you slept the whole time!”   Chances are they tried to wake me up, and chances are I was too tired to care.  The summer before we were married Mike and I took our first little road trip to Jackson Hole, I did ok until we started driving thru Yellowstone and then I conked.  I remember him trying to wake me up and asking me if I wanted to see the scenery and I think I said something like, “I remember coming here when I was a kid so I’m good.”  and then promptly falling back asleep.  I’m super glad he decided to still love me after that, and I am even more super glad that he does so much of the driving so I don’t have to.  Luckily, we will be able to drive together for our wedding tomorrow, Im really looking forward to that.