Last night Mikey had a very special date planned for the 2 of us, we haven’t been on a date at night in over a year probably so I was very excited but the coolest part of the night was that I had no idea what was going on.  Mike was able to keep it all a surprise and it was so fun!!  We went out to dinner and then into Salt Lake, we parked and started walking with many others into Abravanel Hall and as soon as I walk in and started seeing lots of other people in Beatles shirts I started getting really excited but I still had no clue what was happening.  It wasn’t until we found our seats on the 7th row that I finally saw we were going to watch 1964, the best Beatles tribute band out there.  It was so fun, we danced and screamed all night and just had a blast!  The show was also really funny and this was one of my favorite parts…

Fake John starts to introduce the next song

a girl somewhere in the audience screams: “WE LOOOOOVE  YOOOOUUU, PAAAAUL!!!!”

Fake John: (in his fake Liverpool accent)  “Hey Paul, your sister is here!”

hahahahaha  I laughed and laughed!!!  Such a good night!!!