So, last August we made the big move from St. George, our home of 9 years, the place where our children were born and grew into the crazy kids they are now, the place we were sealed as a family forever, and the place I decided a few months ago that I want to be buried when I die, we moved up to Farmington, where Lagoon is.  About 5 months before the big move we made the big decision and started the whole process.  We felt really sure that we were making the right decision, I still feel that we made the right decision.  The past 10 months have not been the easiest but some really great things have come from us living in up north, namely living so close to more of our family, I feel like I have grown closer to my brother and sister-in-law and I know that our relationship will forever be better because we were here.  Also, being near Meemer has been awesome beyond words and has made me feel not so much like a looser-suck-with-no-friends.  Being able to run into Salt Lake for things like shopping and photo sessions has been amazing and is one of the things I will miss when we leave here, because we are in fact moving back to St. George, the land of blue skies and red rocks and the place that we now realize is our home, and always will be.

About 2 weeks ago Mike and I were talking about our life here and I’m not sure how it happened but the idea of moving back kinda crept it’s way into the conversation and when it did my stomach did a flip like it does when I get really excited about something, it really surprised me because I never even considered the idea of going back, not this year at least.  But when we started putting together a list of all the reasons why it was a good idea I started to wonder why the heck we were still sitting here, let’s get packing!!  It was crazy and a fast decision but one that I feel totally confident about and seriously, the stars have aligned in a way that is making my head spin. Mainly, over the past few months I have been more and more frustrated because I wasn’t around to help out my Grandparents when they needed it.  They have been there for me, my whole life, my earliest memories are of their house, them taking me to school and church, and as I grew up most of my summers were spent driving around California with them or them shipping me off to this camp or that camp.  Over the past 8 years I have been so thankful that my kids will have memories of digging for spare change in their couches I just like I do.  And I am so lucky to have Mike who considers them just as much his grandparents as they are mine.  Right now we have the ability to be there for them so, we will be.  I know it won’t be easy, we will be moving back the beginning of July for cryin’ out loud, but we know that is where we belong.  I don’t regret our move up north and I know I will never regret our move back.  It’s going to be good to be home.