Jasmine Star is one my favorite photographers. I want to badly to meet her and just talk about life as a photographer. In an interview with Davina Fear, another one of my favorites, she was asked this question and here is her answer… it’s awesomeness!

Davina: What do you recommend women do who are just getting started in the industry?


Follow your heart.

Don’t let anyone tell you, You Can’t.

If you come across negativity (oh, and you will!), don’t ignore it…use it to fuel your inner desire to prove the nay-sayers wrong. When you want to quit, don’t….quitting is too easy and nothing good in life is easy.

Don’t be the best, be different.

Be you.

Love yourself…the flaws, the wrinkles, the OCD, the extraness around your belly.

When all else fails, take a deep breath, open a pint of Ben&Jerry’s, and enjoy life.

I love this, just what I needed for my year of LOVE!!!!