So, it is that time of year again to start fresh and really, I am excited about what this year has in store! Last year was alright, we went thru a lot of things that kind of stunk but we are all healthy and happy so that is good. I feel like I did great at my word, which was ELIMINATE. Could I have done better? Probably, but I am totally happy with all that I got rid of last year and it turned out to be just what we needed as a family and made our move a little easier. I also did a good job of slowing down in my work so I could be with the family more and I have to say that I love it that way! I worked so hard for so long and it was tough at first to not work. But I have had more time to do things with the kids and as a family and I need to never work that hard again, my boys need me around and I have really enjoyed being here! Last year we went camping for the first time ever as a family, that was awesome and we will for sure be doing more of that! We had more art time here in the house and that is only a good thing! I have also been working on eliminating pounds and that is going well, I am down 30 lbs. and have 30 more to go. Working on that will carry over into this year and is something I will work on my whole life, I am sure. But with working less and losing some weight I also eliminated a lot of stress and in general I am a happier person, yipee for me!! My band of 2009 was Fleetwood Mac and I listened to them as much as I could, I just love them! They will always make me happy. Well, now on to this year!!

My word for 2010 is LOVE. This came to me pretty quickly as I started to think about what I wanted to work on this year but at first I was thinking along the lines of just loving the people around me more and that was it. But as I have been thinking about it (that’s what I love about having a word, I am always thinking about it!) I realized that it goes much deeper than that and I am really excited about what focusing on this word will do! I realized last night that I need to work on loving myself. This is going to be a tough one because for the past 5 years I have really hated a lot of things about the way I look. Losing weight has helped me out a little and I am starting to feel the beautiful woman in me come out. This, I think, is important for any woman and I know it will help me with confidence in my business, and raising my boys and I hope that once I get comfortable with myself that it will be easier to love all those around me. Now, when I say “those around me” I don’t just mean my family. They are obviously the first ones I want to love more but I really want to reach ANYONE that I come in contact with. This means clients, neighbors, people at church, anyone that I can share a little love with! And love is not just for people, oh no, I want to love other stuff too! I think I’ll make a list…
1. I want to make sure I always love my calling at church, no matter what it is! About a year and a half ago Mike and I were called to be in the nursery. In the beginning this was sooo hard, I dreaded every sunday and I would come home with a headache and I was kind of miserable about the whole thing. The thing was, we didn’t have toddlers in our house any more, and we liked it that way! So going to church and having to entertain 9 two year olds was not my idea of a good time. Then, one day, I guess I was being extra miserable, Sarah looked at me and said “you know, if you liked this a more it would be a whole lot easier.” I wanted to roll my eyes at her! Easy for her to say, she is the Queen of kids and happy all the time, that wasn’t me. But what she said stuck with me and I don’t know when it happened but one day I looked around and my heart was full of love for those little ones, and we had fun, and sundays were great and happy again and on our last day in that ward I cried when the parents came to take there kids home. Love had changed me. And I am so thankful it did!!
2. I already love my job, except for the days I don’t. I have heard most of my life that most people get up and go to a job they don’t like. I have always known that I could never be one of those people and I am lucky to have a husband that thinks like me! I think that overloading myself with work these past few years has sucked a lot of the love that I used to have for running my own business, and I think that it shows in my work. Bummer. Well, this year I am determined to get that love back, I know it’s there somewhere, I just need to make it grow. I am excited to see how love can change my photography.
3. I want to fall in love with the Scriptures. I have yet to do this in my life. I have had crushes over the years but have not fallen head over heels. I hope that happens this year.
4. I want to love cooking. I have so much to learn when it comes to cooking but I really don’t want my boys to grow up eating junk, which is all we have eaten in the last 10 years. I need to learn this so we can all be healthier people.
I know that as time goes on there will be a bunch of stuff that I will think of, but for now, those are the biggies. I have a lot of work ahead of me but really, I am so excited for the year to come! Especially since I truly love the band I have chosen for the year! As I sit here in my Beatles White Album t-shirt I know that they are the only band that I could choose for my year of love!! Oooo, it’s going to be good!!