Yesterday Link ran to the bathroom yelling that he was going to throw-up, well, he made it to the bathroom but that was all.  Nothing was spared.  I got Link in the tub and as I was cleaning throw-up off the floor, walls, cabinets, hamper, tub, anything in the 10 ft radius, Link and I had the following conversation.

Lincoln: “I’m just sorry I did that, Mom.”
Me: “Don’t be sorry, you couldn’t help it, it will be alright I had to clean this bathroom anyway.”
Lincoln: “What would happen if Dad had been walking by when I threw up?”
Me: “Well, I would probably be cleaning up two throw-ups, yours and Dad’s.”
Lincoln: “I know, sometimes it’s hard being a mom, huh.”
Me: (laughing) “Yes, yes it is.  But I love you so it’s all good”
Here he is before his surgery, he really wanted a photo of the cool free socks that he got. 🙂