I came from a family that would sometimes have Christmas  a week early because we were all too excited.  Mike’s family was not so much like that, so tonight when we got a little surprise on our door step, we had a dilemma.   It all started when we were eating dinner, we heard a knock at the door and Jackson went running.  He opened the door and then we didn’t hear anything, so I went to see who was there and Jack was walking back in the house with an arm load of presents.  There was one for each of the boys and one for Mike and I as well all from “Santa’s Elf”.  The boys were jumping up and down and as they asked if they could open them tonight, I smiled and Mike said “nope”.  We went back to the dinner table to discuss it and I was thinking that if Santa’s Elf stopped by early then it would be totally fine to open what he brought.  Mike sat there shaking his head at me with this funny smile on his face and I knew he was thinking about telling me how impatient we all were when Lincoln said ” I think that Mom should be the boss of the presents.”  Yay, I love to be the boss, especially of presents!  So in the end we made a compromise, the boys could open theirs tonight but Mike and I would wait and open ours on Christmas.  It was a perfect night, thank you so much Santa’s Elf for stopping by our home.  Spontaneously opening presents a week before Christmas takes me back to being a kid and there is nothing better than being a kid at Christmas!